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Xtra Maca is a tried and true favourite, particularly for men! The natural caramel flavor of maca and crunch from crispy rice make for a delicious light chocolate. Maca is tends to balance stress and hormone levels, if used consistently, and can help increase virility (energy and sexual enthusiasm). Maca is in ALL Chocolate Therapy edibles, BUT this flavor has much, MUCH more maca!

**Chocolate Therapy’s chocolate base ALWAYS includes the MAGIC 5 proprietary superfood blend.

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Chocolate Base: Raw organic heirloom cacao paste, raw organic heirloom cacao butter, organic date syrup or raw organic clear agave syrup, reishi mushroom extract and raw spore powder, chaga mushroom extract powder, maca root powder, shilajit extract powder, mucuna pruriens, himalayan salt.

Filling: Organic puffed cacao quinoa/rice and/or organic crisp rice, organic maca root powder, organic coconut palm sugar or organic raw agave, organic vanilla bean.


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