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Vanilla Caramel


Chocolate Therapy has achieved a perfect consistency for a caramel filling- not too runny, not too chewy- just perfectly gooey! This caramel filling is jam packed, well.. simply made from the same lucuma and mesquite superfood powders that are added to our peanut butter quinoa crisp filling. These impart natural vanilla and caramel flavours along with an amazing nutrient profile.

** Chocolate Therapy’s chocolate base ALWAYS includes the MAGIC 5 proprietary superfood blend.

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Chocolate Base: Raw organic heirloom cacao paste, raw organic heirloom cacao butter, organic date syrup or raw organic  clear agave syrup, reishi mushroom extract and raw spore powder, chaga mushroom extract powder, maca root powder, shilajit extract powder, mucuna pruriens, himalayan salt.

Filling: Organic brown rice syrup,  organic mesquite powder, organic lucuma powder, organic sunflower lecithin, organic vanilla bean, himalayan salt.


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