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Smores are certainly one of the most popular flavours and the best choice for a strong sweet tooth. A winner for kids and the child in you! Chocolate Therapy Smores are made with VEGAN marshmallows and gluten-free graham crackers. A wham-blam-thank-you-ma’am combo with Chocolate Therapy’s chocolate base, that ALWAYS includes the MAGIC 5 proprietary superfood blend.

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Chocolate Base: Organic heirloom cacao beans (paste), organic heirloom cacao butter, clear organic raw agave nectar or organic date syrup, reishi mushroom, chaga mushroom, maca, shilajit, mucuna pruriens, himalayan salt.

Filling: Dandies vegan marshmallows*, Kinnikinnick gluten-free graham crackers*, coconut oil, organic vanilla bean.


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