Lauren is a sweet, shining soul, who takes pride in making healthy chocolate from the finest ingredients, enhanced with her favorite superfoods. “It is a creative and meditative outlet for me. Other tools I use to balance myself and my life are lots of quiet time, whether outside immersed and observing nature, learning or meditating. I also spend much time dreaming, researching, and seeking out cutting-edge projects to do sustainable ways of living- specifically related to more sustainable housing, such as Earthships, tiny homes, straw bale homes, and earthbag homes.”

Lauren went to Queen’s University and studied pre-med health, psychology, computer science and various math courses. After graduating Lauren jumped right into the alternative healthcare field working at a health center and health food store, eventually starting her own alternative health clinic using systems of detoxification and raw food nutrition. Lauren’s passion for food-art outweighed her love of the clinic-setting and she started to focus more on ways to enhance her diet with superfoods, rather than supplements in capsule form. This lead her to many potent, yet not-so-palatable powders and extracts. Driven to experience the power of these ancient edible remedies, Lauren found raw chocolate to be an excellent melding agent and driving force for the delivery of these superfoods into the body. Lauren’s Chocolate Therapy is chocolate alchemy at its finest- producing tantalizing flavor combinations!

Chocolate Therapy is a pure-clean-green product made with medicinal food ingredients chosen for their proven and noticeable effects and results. “I use the best products/ingredients I can find, sparing no cost. Chocolate Therapy is organic, dairy-free, gluten-free and diabetic friendly. I seek to find raw organic, but preferably wild crafted and small batch sources for ingredients, opposed to farm or indoor mass grown products. I choose to use ingredients from fair trade and preferably direct trade sources. This means that the farmers’, foragers, growers and suppliers of the foods comprising the ingredients of the chocolate are getting and setting fair wages and working conditions. With direct trade we try to cut out the ‘middle-salesman’ which results in the farmers getting more money directly for their product and purchasers getting more fresh product for the money- win win!” Lauren Jamieson, owner of Chocolate Therapy.

The superfoods chosen are just that, foods with super-noticeable and proven effects on the body. Lauren designs proprietary superfood blends for synergistic function that is enjoyable and safe for everyone. The superfood blends are balanced such that the ingredients chosen nourish the physical body, tissues and immune system, while enhancing the mental body, brain, and nervous system.
Every decision made in the foreground and background of Chocolate Therapy is based on a deep moral awareness and consciousness spanning the planet, its people, plants and other inhabitants.

Enjoy some Chocolate Therapy – PEACE BY PIECE!